Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What great fun computers are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the vacation is over. I took my computer to be fixed. The gentleman fixing it, plugged it in and doesn't everything come up the way it is suppose too. I felt like such an idoit. So now I am back on line and the computer is working great.
I started a pair of socks for my youngest son made from Sizzle sock yarn. He also wanted a hat so I have that started too. I know, I have two projects started at once, and yes it is driving me crazy. I don't normally do that. As Melissa says I am very "anal" about having more than one project going at the same time. I have my self geared to finish than start another.
My spinning wheel is diffently not feeling left out. I have been spinning like a mad woman. Hopfully I will get aleast one skein done to start my Pi shawl. Then I will have 3 projects going. OH NO!!!!!!!!
I want to send out a Thank you to Mande for the certificate to Adiago Teas. I have some of there Roobios tea and it is wonderful.
Secreat Pals 4 starts soon, the deadline for sign up ends the 21. She is up to 300 people. I just have to figure out now how to put the button on my blog.
Have a great day. It is good to be able to be back on line again.

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