Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Welcom to the New Year........

I have many hopes and expectations for the new year, hopefully it will start better than the year ended. Vacation week was busy. Along with it being busy my daughter had the flu (or that is what I think it was). She nearly passed out on Wednesday when she was at riding lessons. Her instructor thought that maybe she just did not want to ride,but I reassured her that was not the case. I week is programed around lessons. We count down the days until we have lessons. Now that we have a horse it is even worse. She is feeling much better today and even made it to school. I have the whole house to myself( the silence is deafening, but nice).
While Jen was laid up on the couch it gave me time to do some things. I join theEZasPi KAL. I even talked my friend Melissa into it. I ordered 2 books because I knew that I could get her to do it. I started spinning what I am going to make the shawl out of. Last fall, Melissa and I purchased fleece from Mary Pratt. A local sheperdess and neighbor. One of the fleeces was a Corriedale cross that is dark grey. When we sent it to be processed we also had some silver colored alpaca that we had blended with it. It spins so nice and I have lots of it.

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