Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Attempting to snow

I am so glad that yesterday is over. As I mentioned yesterday, the repairman came to fix my dishwasher. Well, it needed a new valve and a new motor and then he shorted out a wire and popped the braker. Went to turn it back on and had sparks and smoke. Now it needs to have new wiring from the braker to the machine. When he came to the door, I smashed my foot in to the leg of the couch and I think that I broke one of my toes. It is now purple and aches like a tooth ache. How ever I did manage to get some spinning done yesterday. I did not realize that it took so long to fill a bobbin when spinning something as fine as I am doing.
The weather is dark and gloomy here today. Snow showers, but the best is yet to come. I would not mind so much if it was just snow. Snow would make everyone happy here. We have 6 snowmobiles and do alot of family riding. Snow is better than Christmas here.LOL.
I hope to get another section on the baby blanket done today. I forgot to mention that it is a shell design. The pattern is calledHeirloom Knit Baby Blanket. It was on a free web site. Very simple and seems to be working up fast.


Violet said...

Today should be a much better day! At least you got some spinning and knitting done. Do you have a link for the knitting pattern?

Marty said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! I know how that hurts and how aggravating and embarrassing it is to do it on something like a couch. I did it 3 times on my kids playpen. Try to stay off it, use ice, and have fun knitting and spinning!