Monday, December 27, 2004

Time to start anew.

Hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I have been very busy with Christmas activities and have not had the time to blog. I am here now and hope to get up to speed. I have been busy making more socks. They are so much fun to make. I found this great sock yarn at Micheals while Christmas shopping. Moda Dea. The colors are great and it knits wonderfully. I have a pair of socks started. One done and the 2nd on the needles. My youngest son, for christmas gave me a skien of Moda Dea Dream in light blue. It is so soft. Another cool thing that I recieved as a gift was Knitting Pattern a day Calander. What a neat gift. It has so many nice patterns in it. I want to try them all. Not just yet, I have a sock to finish and a baby blanket to finish.
If I start anything more I might get confused or lost. I have this thing about having to many projects started at once. I really like to finish one before I start another. It is driving me nuts having to projects going at once now. My poor wheel, I think she feels abandoned. She was placed in the corner for Christmas and she just stares at me all the time. Soon she will be out of the corner. My fleeces from Wooly Knob Fibermill will be ready and I will want to try spinning all that I sent out. I really can't wait.
Well I need to go do some house work so that I can spend sometime with the kids this afternoon with there new board games. I am hoping that the snow that we are getting continues. Everyone here wants to go snowmobiling. It would be nice to have them all gone for a while. That would give me the oppurtunity to research what type of fiber animal that I am going to be getting this spring. See my DH and I purchased a horse for our daughter. The horse comes home in the spring and she is going to need company. I just need to decide what would be the best thing to keep her company. Any one have any ideas? They would be greatly appreciatied.


Amie said...

Wow - are you adopting? I always wanted a horse - taught riding and the whole thing, but never had one in my backyard!

RE fiber animals, llama and alpaca (camelids, I believe) need another like animal with them. That is, a horse will be there, but it won't be the companionship they need. So you have to buy them in pairs. I'm not sure with sheep, although I think it's always best to get them in pairs as well.... Llama are cheaper than alpaca, so you could probably get two of them, and then sell any extra fleece (right) if you needed... Your best bet is to find local breeders. The good ones will really want the animals to do well, and so won't try to upsell without valid reasons....

And if you need, I'll move in and play with the animals, too!

Gracie said...

Welcome to RAOK!!

What a lucky daughter - a horse! I'm with Amie, can I move in too?!

I've seen the Moda Dea sock yarn, but I haven't gotten any yet. I am pleased to see that you like it. I'll have to try some!