Friday, February 18, 2005

It is hard to believe that February is almost gone. Spring is around the corner (or that is what I keep telling myself). I have been busy with my knitting. I started the Irish Hiking Scarf, out of some yarn I had in my stash. I also started a felted vest for my sister for Christmas. It is progressing well. I finally finished my daughters poncho. I did not think that I would ever get that done. Now I will have to get a pic of her wearing it.
The 3 fleeces that I sent to Wooly Knob are done and in the mail. I am hoping that they come today. I am anxious to see how they turned out. I already have plans for the Mohair. I hope I can get it spun in time to make a Christmas present with it. My DH thinks I have lost my mind. I am excited about getting the fiber and making plans for it and he is thinking " Where the hell is she going to put that!" That was after I told him that we needed a companion for the horse, when she comes home. I am still trying to decide what it is that I want. Sheep or Angora goat. It is a hard choice. I don't think that I can get away with getting both. Seeing that I already told him that we are getting 25 pheasants to raise and release from 4H and I am getting Turkeys to raise.
Two weeks ago I tried to teach the girls in my 4H club how to knit. They all attempted to knit. Some had better luck than others. It was hard for me to teach them. I knit contennital style. That is the way my grandmother taught me. I have tried the English style and was unable. I hope that they went home and practiced. Tonight we are going to make knitting needles. I think that will be alot of fun. I have some great ideas for them. It might even make a great secret pal gift. It is funny how many things can be used for knitting needles when you start looking around.
Winter vacation starts next week for my kids. My DH and I are taking the kids snowmobiling for the week. Each of us has snowmobiles, it is about the only family thing that we do. My DH is a carpentar and works all summer so winter is our time to have fun. We are going to the Tughill Plateau. Just off of Lake Onterio. They get lots of lake effect snow. Hopefully I will remember to pack my camera and have pics for you to see. I am off to pack. Talk to you next week.

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