Friday, March 11, 2005

Time for Spring!!!!!

Once again it is snowing here. It seems that we have had more snow this month than all winter. We went away the last week in Feburary with the kids, snowmobiling. Everyday we were there it snowed. Well I guess I should not complain to much. When it snows that means there is no yard work to do and I can spend my time spinning and knitting.
On the spinning front, I am slowly getting the BFL spun to finish the baby blanket. The baby shower will be coming up soon and I really need to get that done. Last week my fiber from the processors returned. They did a wonderful job. I am absolutly in love with the mohair. It is a grey (like a salt and pepper), and just as soft. I can't wait to spin that. Also there is polypay/angora blend that is a light grey. There is about 3 lbs. of that. I have an idea as to what I want to do with some of that. Then there is a white romney, it is not as soft as I was thinking it would be but I think most of that will end up in the dye pot.
Besides spinning, I have been busy knitting as well. I am still working on my Irish hiking scarf, it is about 1/2 done. I made a scarf for a birthday gift for one of my daughters friends. It is blue varigated boa yarn with a blue solid cotton yarn you use for dishcloths. It turned out really cute. I also made a hat and booties for a friend who just had a baby out of kiogu yarn. Now I am working on a secret project. I am hoping that it turns out the way I want it too.
I recieved a package from my secret pal last week. Thank you secret pal. The box contain this lopi varigated yarn, some Lindt truffles and this huge bath fizzy. They are great. It is hard to keep the kids away from the chocolate but I am trying. I will try and post some pictures, I have not been having very good luck with that as latly.
Well I am off to watch it sonw from my spinning wheel. Have a great day.

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