Thursday, February 10, 2005

Knitting like crazy

Since my last note, my needles have been very busy. My first felting project was a sucess to some extent. The pattern was from Knit One, Felt Two. I used grey Patons classic wool yarn and stripes in maroon. I even used needles larger than the pattern called for. Finished the knitting and threw it in the washer 'just like the directions said". If any one knows of someone with a head the size of a large grapefruit let me know, I have a beautiful grey felted hat for them. LOL. My kids were very supportive and laughed there fool heads off. DH asked if I was going to give that to the cat to wear. My thoughts are atleast it looks like a hat.
My other project that I started was a Christmas present for my sister. I found a felted vest pattern in Felted Knits book. Made a big order to Elanns for the yarn. Decided that I am going to make them for my mother and sister in law as well as one for myself. 45 skeins of Highland yarn came the other day. I have the vest started. Sometimes you are apprehensive about trying something that you order online. I am one of those people who really likes to feel what they are buying, but I had heard so many good things about this yarn on the blogs that I tried. It is wonderful yarn. I am very pleased.
Still plugging away on my daughters poncho. It is not all that exciting and I am having a hard time working on it. Pictures to come in a day or 2 of my projects.

Never Rains ...........
DH went snowmobiling last weekend. I was looking forward to a quite weekend. I knew that Saturday was going to be crazy but not Sunday. I was hoping Sunday just loungeing around in my pj's drinking coffee, watching movies with the kids and knitting. NOT. I returned from taking my oldest to work to discover the dog chain in the middle of the road and the ducks gone.
Dog was in the shed were he was hiding. He had been injured, I believe by a car, and the ducks after looking for them half the day finally came around late morning. The dog is much improved but he had me worried Sunday morning. Hopeful he has learned his lesson that those ducks are not to be messed with. I also lost 2 of my rabbits because something scared them. DH came home earlier because his riding buddy was sick. My point to all of this is NO knitting was accomplished.

Today it is snowing like crazy, I keep expecting to see the school bus come down the road,but not yet. Well I am off to make a cup of tea and do some spinning.

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