Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Rain

Yeah I know that is not how the song goes but yesterday it snowed like crazy, and now it is pouring rain. Which I suppose is alright seeing that I have been spinning like a wild woman to get this skein done for a woman in Florida who order it for a Christmas present. The weather decreases my desire(not) to go out shopping. It was so nice yesterday to have a cup of tea and to be able to sit at my wheel and just watch the world around me become white. It is just the best thing. Now it is all going to turn to mud.
Last year on days like yesterday I could look out the window, watch the snow come down on my nieghbors sheep will I was spinning some of her wonderful wool. Unfortuantly they are not in that pasture yet.

My progress on the scraf for my mother is coming along nicely. Hopefully I can have that finished this week. Then I think that I can start the baby afgahn for my brother and his wife. It may take me awhile to finish it.

Well I need to go back to plying. Break is over and it is still raining.

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