Saturday, December 04, 2004


What a week it has been. It started on Sunday night when I realized that the Patches of Berries scarf that I am working on was not right. The diagonal was going in the wrong direction. I ripped out about 12 inches of work. This is to be done for Christmas. So started my week.

I just could not keep track of the days. Monday I made a trip to a tack shop that is an hour away for one of the few gifts that my daughter asked for. She wants the Breyer Horse Hildago. They had just sold the last one, but they could order it. Now it means another trip back there. Tuesday and Wednesday I went christmas shopping. I just can not get in the mood for christmas. What to buy? I have no clue. My oldest is 14, he just wants money. He also has a birthday on the 28th of Dec. So it means I have to come up with a birthday gift too.

I do have some brighter notes though. I sold 2 skiens of yarn to a woman in Florida. One of the skiens needs to be spun but that is not a problem. My wheel has been giving me the evil eye anyway. Ithink she is feeling a little left out. I have been busy knitting and not spinning. I did spend time this morning spinning, so maybe the dirty looks will stop.

I have gotten about 15 inches done on the scarf and everything is going in the right direction. YEAH!!!!!!!
Now if I could just get my fairy godmother to finish my xmas shopping for me, it would be terrific. Well a new week and a new list of things to do. Will I get it all done? Man I hope so.

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