Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blending the odds and ends

I finally finished the stuff that I promised Melissa for the craft show that she is doing today. She was a little nervous that she would not have enough stuff for the 12ft. table that the needed to fill. I offered to make some things for her to take.
It was so windy yesterday and with the kids home, I thought what a good day to pop in a movie and do some blending. I had almost 4 ounces of variagated green mohair locks, 2 ounces of green merino and silk blend, some lt grey alpaca, white mohair and tort colored angora. I decided to blend them all together. I had purchased a Louet Roving carder over the summer and had not really had a chance to use it. Life just got so busy. So I went to work ..... Started with the green mohair locks then I started blending that with everything else. I ended up with the top and bottom full of a large shoe box( the kind that work boots come in). That took me all afternoon. By then it had gotten so windy that the power went out. Well I guess that supper will have to wait and I started spinning. WOW it spins nice. It is a light in color but I think that it will be really soft. I will have to take some picts. When I can get more batteries for my camera. The kids seem to like them.
That is it for now. I need to go do the dishes from last night.

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