Friday, November 26, 2004

Knitting in my sleep..........

What a busy 2 weeks I have had. I have been trying to post for the last week and just seems that my computer was not cooperating. I finished my sons other sock. What alot of fun they were to make. I went to a little yarn shop in Greenwich and bought more sock yarn and some yarn for a baby gift and for my Mothers Christmas present. Then I came home and order what I could not find there from the pattern works. More sock yarn, pattern for baby things, Charlottes Web shawl pattern and Patch of Berries scarf pattern. They came on Monday. I have been knitting like crazy. The sock yarn that I bought is done in to socks and I have started the scarf.
With the socks done I was ready to start the scarf. I went through my needles to find the right size, every size under the sun but the one I need. My grandmother had taught me to knit when I was young. I would spend every afternoon after school with her. Well when she died I inherited her needles, but she never need to use size 3 I guess. So I had to go buy a pair. LOL
Now the scarf is started after attempting about 3 times to get it going. I just could not get it to come out right. I was always haveing a extra stitch. Thank goodness I was only a couple rows into the project. With a little peace and quiet I got it going and now it is really pretty. I just hope that I get it done in time for Christmas.
After Christmas it is baby things. My brother and his wife are expecting there first baby in May. So Aunt Lana gets to make baby clothes. They are my favorite things to make. I have some beautiful White Blue Face Liecester that I plan on using. Some of it is spun I need to finish the rest. My wheel keeps giving me dirty looks. I have not spun on it in about a week and it is feeling neglected. I have been knitting like crazy and it seems like I have been doing it in my sleep. Off to make Turkey for my family.

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