Sunday, October 10, 2004

Spinning with the kids at Maize Quest

I had been asked several weeks ago to do a spinning demonstration this weekend at the local corn maze. I enrolled the help of my friend Melissa and her daughter Hannah. Also my 4H group. What alot of fun. Melissa and I set our tables. We skeins and felted things and beaded jewelery but what we had the most fun with was the dye pots.
We had been esperimenting alittle with dyeing. I had done koolaide and she had done some with food coloring. This time we had each bought some natural dyes from Adams Family Farm in Wilimington. She purchased Bazilwood and I Logwood. The colors were unbelievable. Some of them we rinsed in an amonnia bath at the end. We are hoping to do some more today with the same amount of success that we had yesterday. The best part is it is not work we get to play at what we love all day. If we have one child or adult go home and persue there interest in fiber arts then the day was even better.
Time to get some more stuff ready for today. Have a great day.

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