Sunday, February 25, 2007

When is spring coming???

We had one of the biggest snow storms that we have had in quiet awhile on Valentines Day. It was nice to see the snow,but now the cold can go away. I am not a winter person. Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching it snow from my livingroom window, not through my windshield. The kids are enjoying it though, it came just in time for winter vacation. They have been out on the snowmobiles all week.
I have been knitting like crazy. I finished a pair of socks, scarf and 2 hats. I am now working on another pair of socks. My goal is to make socks for everyone this year for Christmas. (you can stop laughing now!!!) I think that I am doing well. I also need to do some spinning. In October, I dropped off 2 fleeces to be processed by twist of fate spinnery in Ct. (at Rhinebeck). They came not to long ago. I am greatly impressed. The fiber is clean, it was nicely packaged. I did spin some of it and it spins beautifully. One of the fleeces is from Mary Pratt, it is beautiful. My other goal is to spin it and knit a sweater for me to where to Rhinebeck. ( again you can stop laughing) I did not say which year to Rhinebeck. I am also hoping to be able not to buy any yarn or fiber and use what I have here, but with spring just around the corner and fiber festivals starting it might be asking to much. I am going to try and be good.
DH has been home working. Siding the house and when the wind was to strong and cold, they tore out the bathroom, replacing the tub, floor and toliet. Which was a surprise when I came home from work, to find a tub in the middle of the living room floor and the vanity in the dining area and the sink on the floor in the hall. I am not one for having my house torn apart. I have issues with sawdust and sheetrock dust track all through the house. Left for me to clean. While he plops his butt down in the chair to watch the news, then complain because the vacum is to loud and he can't hear. It is a never ending battle. Well, I guess I am off to start the day. Nice to have uninterupted computer time.

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Joni said...

Hi there! I just wanted to make sure you're aware that your blog is in the queue for the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring, because you don't have any code up. Also as it's been more than a month since you posted. I just sent you the code again--please let me know if you don't get it? I'd love to get you back in the ring. :)