Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I know I am late in wishing everyone a happy new year. It has been hectic. Started off the new year, teaching a med course. Now it seems that I have gotten a cold. I really don't understand why seeing that yesterday it was over 60 degrees here, today it is in the mid 40's. My plants are so messed up. They think that it is spring. With all that has been going on I have managed to finish one project and start a new one. I finished the vest that I started a while ago out of some of my handspun. I hope that he likes it. It is to be a birthday present. My new project is a scarf from the winter issue of knitty. I started it on Monday evening and it is just about done. I can't believe how fast it is going. When I get some batteries for the camera I will post the pictures. I have no idea what the next project will be. I need to find something to take with me to work. I knit at lunch time. Melissa and I have decided that with the new year that we need to work on decreasing our fiber stash. We had gotten the idea from some of our fellow bloggers who are not adding to there yarn stash but using it up this year. So we have decided to do the same with our fiber. No new fiber until we have used up some of what we have!!! ( yeah right, how far away is Cummington?) Wish us luck!!!!

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Carol said...

Hi Lana: I hope your health problems have resolved themselves. I also had a torn retina but other than everything looking like it has a hole in it I'm doing fine. I got a spinning wheel for Christmas and have been looking for help learning to spin. I got a very small set of instructions with the wheel (an Ashley Traditional single treadle) but they're so vague I can't make head nor tails of them. I live in Minot North Dakota. Do you know of any spinners in my area who give lessons? my e-mail address is