Saturday, December 09, 2006

Winter is here!!

Wow it certainly has been cold here the last couple of days. Tuesday gave us our first taste of snow. Just enough to make driving fun. Fortunately it did not last long and by the end of the day it was gone. It still remains cold and for the weekend it is going to be warmer. Has been a long week. I have some health issues that have really started to take a toll on me. Since July I have been battleing high blood pressure that just came on suddenly. I went to the cardiologist on Wednesday, he increased my meds that I am currently on and started a new one. Since I have started the new meds. I have had a headache like you would not believe, and extremely tired ( more so than usual). This does not give me much time to get any spinning or knitting done. As much as I hate to say it the desire is just not there. Hopefully once my body adjusts to the meds it will be better. My hope was that Christmas this year would be better. Last year was horrible, with my husband hurt and out of work and me not working Christmas was hard. I made alot of gifts last year and I am feeling guilty this year because I am not making things like I usually do. I am working on finishing the Irish Hiking Scarf that I started last year, Hopefully it will be done in time to give it to my sister. The vest will not be done. Might have to be a birthday present. My daughter yells at me for bringing my knitting to her basketball games, but she will just have to get over that. Maybe I will have pictures of some finished projects next time.

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