Sunday, November 26, 2006

They are done!!

This is the sunset off my deck on Thanksgiving night. Beautiful

It has only taken me months to make these socks. I bought the yarn from Janet Lynn of during our Hot N Hazy spin in. Started them shortly after but I guess life was just to busy. Finally they are done. I am thinking they are going to be for me, but now with Christmas so close they may be part of a gift for my mother. I am still working on the vest. It is coming slowly. Of course now I am itching to start a new project. Not quiet sure what that will be. Since my last post only the other day. ( I don' know what has gotten in to me. Usually it is months before I post again. ) Things have gotten very stressful here. So I need to find something to keep my hands and my brain occupied. In July I started with panic attacks, started on medication, it seemed to help but yesterday I had to work very hard to hold one back. They scar me and it means that things are going down hill again. I am letting things bother me that perhaps I should not. Well now that I have vented and don't feel anybetter it is off to do some blog reading.

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