Friday, November 24, 2006

I got pictures!!!!!!

Wow time does fly when you are having fun,( I think it is fun that I have been having, not quiet sure). Things in my life just seem to get more hectic. Rhinebeck was a great relaxation for me. Here is the fiber that I purchased. The white is cormo silk blend from Foxfire, the blue is a blend of mohair and wool with some Angelina in it. The dark is a red and black Lincoln. The fiber pictured in the front is moreno tencil blend from the Sheep shed. I had purchased some in May at Cummington and fell in love with it. So I just had to have some more.
I also added to my dropspindle collection as well. I purchased 2 Hatchtown spindles one is a Lady Anne made out of Fishtail oak. It is one that I have wanted for a while, more for the looks then to spin on. The other is inlaid with Lapis. It spins wonderfully. In the picture as well is the 3rd spindle that I purchased, a Vermont Spindle made of Zebra wood. The other is one that I purchased before Rhinebeck,( I just could not wait) It is a Spindlewood spindle, exactly 1/2 ounce in wt. It has become one of my favorite spindles. Thanks to Janet Lynn of for getting these new spindles. They are beautiful.
Unfortuantly I have not had a whole lot of time to spin. My wheels keep giving me dirty looks. My suzie currently has beast on it. I am in the process of spinning more to finish the vest that I had started as a gift for a friend. I don't think that it will get done in time. The back is done and the front is about 1/4 done. My country craftsman has silk on that, but it has been awhile since I worked on it. Time just seems to fly. I miss spinning. It was a great way for me to relax. With some of the health issues that I now have and person things going on, I really need to do more.
Tuesday was our Christmas get together for our spinning group. What alot of fun. It is always so nice to see my fellow spinners. One of our fellow spinners, Lisa of was there. Lisa had been ill and had not been coming. It was so nice to see her again and know that she is feeling better. She does some beautiful knitting and spinning. I can't wait for our next spinning get together. Well that is all for now.

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