Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Spring

I have a severe case of spring fever. I can't wait for the snow to finish melting and to warm up more. So many things to do.
I have been spinning and knitting like a wild woman. I am trying to get my baby blanket done for the baby shower. My sister and I are planning it for the first weekend or so in May. I had 6 of the 7 panels done when I realized that I would not have enough to do the lace edging. So now I am back to spinning some more. It is a good thing that I really love this fiber. BFL that I purchased is just so soft. In between spinning that I spun some of the mohair that I had gotten from Rhinebeck. That skein is finished 444 yards. Now to think of something to make with it.
Melissa and I have been asked to do demonstrations the end of April for the local county fiber tour. We will be at the corn maze. For my followers this is the same place that we were at in the fall. We will be doing the same kinds of things. I am hoping to have some skiens spun so that we can dye them. As well as fiber. We are going to be shearing an alpaca. Then cleaning the fiber and spinning it. The kids in our 4H club will be doing demos too. My secret pal is great . I recieved the interweave scraf book in the mail last week. I have 2 scarf patterns picked out that I want to make soon. I just need to go find the yarn or spin some of my own. I have added some pictures. (finally figured out how to add pictures again. ) One is a picture of the skein of yarn and the book from my secret pal, the other is of my daughter Jennifer with the purple poncho that I made for her. Have a great Easter.

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