Friday, September 18, 2009

Where did summer go?

Vacationing in souther Maine was part of my summer. My dd and I went for a few days the beginning of August. It was a beautiful week, was warm and sunny the whole time.
Just something about the ocean that just soothes the soul and rejuvinates the body. The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves is almost as relaxing as a bubble bath.

Nubble light in York Beach.
2wks of work then back to the ocean. BF and I went to Pine Point for a week.
Have been busy with swaps. Knitting for them. Have gotten some fun and beautiful items in the swaps. Working on getting my read swap together now. I hope that my swappie enjoys it.
I have also been doing some spinning as well. Finally finished up the yellow and green with alittle bit of pink. Then spun up the merino tencil " Jack in the pulpit" color way. It is now plyed as well, just sitting on the bobbin waiting to be made into a skein.
Melissa was here tonight and we did some spinning. I started to spin a merino bamboo blend.
Next weekend it is the first annual Southern Adirondack fiber festival. Very excited to have one so close to my home, like 10 mins. Then of course is the mecca of fiber festivals Rhinebeck.
Formulating my list of wants and needs or should I say my lusts and desires.

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Claire said...

Hi there! I guarantee that your swappie does like her package! In fact, she just loves it! Thank you so much! What a great assortment. I can't wait to spin the fiber optic roving. Beautiful! Maine is so picturesque - my family and I used to vacation there sometimes when I was a child growing up in Nova Scotia. I loved the lighthouse picture you took. Thanks again! Claire in Iowa