Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great way to spend a rainy day!!

Say hi to our newest family member. This is Lily, she about 9 wks old. She loves to lie on my laptop while I am working. Have to say that I forgot how crazy kittens can be. She is alot of fun that is for sure.

I decided last week that I needed some retail therapy. So I did some shopping on Etsy. See what I found.

This is merino\bamboo from Sugarbees Politically incorrect collection
This is Starter Wives Lori. Cant wait to try spinning this. Bamboo is a new fiber for me. I love the color.
The next purchase came from Spincerely yours. I love her fiber and colorways.

This is merino tencil. Called Jack in the Pulpit. so very pretty.
Then there was a surprise in the mail as well . I had recently gotten a package from my swap buddy. Well she sent me some more stuff.

A beautiful blue knitting bag and yarn to match.
The yarn is panda wool. Bamboo, wool and nylon. Cant wait to make a pair of socks out of it.
Great color. Thank you again Kim.
Have gotten the knitting bug lately. I just finished a market bag. Hopefully if the weather holds out for the weekend I will put it to work. Now working on dishcloth.
Great way to spend a rainy day.

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