Friday, July 29, 2005

Time to make Lemonade

When life throws you lemons, you just need to make lemonade.

Can things get any crazier. I have been attempting to post for months and my computer or blogger will not let me. So many things to write about. Were to start. I guess the best place to start is with the most dramatic thing that has happened.
Last Friday I went to work with DH ( he is a self-employed carpentar). He was setting the roof trusses on a barn and needed an extra pair of hands, mine to be exact. I was the ground person, guiding the trusses to there right spot. We had 2 more trusses to set when he fell from the peak of the roof to the truck bed of the crane. He broke his right femur in the fall. Saturday morning he was off to surgery to have pins and a plate put in to repair the brake. Wednesday afternoon he came home with crutches and walker. He lost alot of blood during surgery and from the brake. His thigh and knee are very swollen and that makes it even more difficult for him to get around. He is not to put any weight on that leg for 8 weeks. I have a feeling that it is going to be a long summer.
On a better note. Melissa and I are planning a fiber day/spin in. We are getting help from some of our other friends as well. We are hosting it at a local corn maize. It promises to be alot of fun. I just hope that with all the planning that I have put in to it I will be able to attend.
On the knitting front, I have been working on a pair of socks. The first one is done and the second is well on its way. It was something that was easy for me to work on while sitting in the hospital. Not much spinning has been getting done. There just does not seem to be enough room in the living room for the wheel. And to be very honest I am just to tired.
Well duty calls. I will talk to you all soon.


trackingprojectbackpack said...

oh wow, I'm so sorry he's dealing with that. Sending healing thoughts his way.

Almost 20 yrs ago I broke my arm and needed plate/screws to fix it and have not had any problems or discomfort with it since then. I hope the same happens for him!

Joni said...

How's your DH doing? I hope he's healing well. Have you taught him to knit yet? ;) I hope you're getting enough rest and recovering from the ordeal as well.

bill naka said...

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