Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Sun is shinning!!!!!!!

Can life get more hectic. I am frantically working on the baby blanket, it is almost done. Just need to sew all the pieces together. I am happy that it is going to be done with time to spare. The baby shower is May 14. Now the major planning for that begins.
I have also been spinning as well. I finished up the grey mohair. I am in love with that fiber. This is just one mohair fleece that I purchased at Rhinebeck that came from Hill Shepard. What a wonderful fiber. I put my drum carder to work as well and did some blending. I used the Polypay/angora roving and some logwood dyed superwash. The polypay is a light grey. It turned out ok, I am not sure that I really like the polypay. The skein that came from it is alittle on the rough side. The roving spun up with slubs and even though that was my intention alot of them came on there own. Now I am spinning the romney. It spins very quickly. It is alittle courser than I am use to but I think that it will make some nice yarn.
Things on the home front have been crazy. DH is working on a building to house the horse. She will be coming home with the next month or so. My job is to find a companion for her. I just can't seem to make up my mind as to what I want. Angora goat or sheep. DH would perfer neither but............ Also on the animal front, the ducks are fornicating all over the place. We have a nest with over 40 eggs. I don't expect them all to hatch but you never know. My youngest son is preparing for his 4H pheasants. They will arrive the middle of next month and at the end of summer he will release them. He is also going to raise Turkeys. We will be having baby bunnies with in the next week as well. So life springs eternal on our little homestead.
Along with all of the home happenings. Our 4H group has been asked to do demonstrations at a local farm for the Washington County fiber tour. We will be doing some drop spindle spinning and spinning with our wheels. Dying will be another of our demonstrations. The owners are going to be shearing one of there Alpacas as well. It is going to be great fun.
Well I am off to do some house work and hopefully some more spinning.

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