Thursday, March 12, 2009


Welcome to Rosie! She arrived on Friday March 6th. Isn't she beautiful. She is my first brand new spinningwheel. Like fresh from the box put together yourself type of new. I absolutely love her. She spins like a dream. I also want to thank Tracy from Wooly designs, that is where Melissa and I order our wheels from. He was awesome to work with. I highly recommend him.

Along with the purchase of Rosie whom is partially name after my grandmother, (who is the one who foster my love of fiber arts by teaching how to knit when I was just 8). I have also made some purchases in fiber. The fiber is from Spincerely yours. Some bfl which is my favorite fiber to spin and some merino tencil as well

Rosie has spun and plied her first skein of yarn. I believe it is corredale, in some spring colors.

Really need some color this time of year.

Well I am off to spin some more. Think that Rosie and I will be spending lots of time together.

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