Sunday, June 29, 2008

Castle on the Hudson

After a lot of research and searching the IloveNY tourism website, I found the day trip that I wanted to take. This is Banner Castle located on an island in the middle of the Hudson River in Newburg NY. Not to far from West point. Actually on the boat tour that I took, we went past Westpoint..
It was very humid and hazy as you can tell from the picture. It was a fun day. They do have tours of the island but unfortunately it had been canceled yesterday. Might be just as well seeing it was so humid. It was a great day trip.

Have not done much on the fiber end as of late but I did go shopping last weekend and I did buy something to challenge me for the summer. I bought a scarf kit that contains beads. Something that I have never done. I am up for the challenge. I will post some pictures of it once I get it started. Might be something to start this afternoon.

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